LoudHere Core Team

Nisha Pandey

Founder & Editor

Nisha is a former SEO expert and a professional Blogger. After starting and successfully running her SEO blog seotechyworld.com for quite some time, she started Loudhere with a zeal to explore a new niche. An avid netizen herself, she founded this platform to offer news from around the world and important life hacks to help you out daily. A self professed geek, she takes care of the entire technical aspects of the blog (so you can thank her for the awesome design) and concept generation. Nisha lives at New Delhi with her family.

Nabanita Nag

Editor & Moderator

Nabanita is a former communication professional and an entrepreneur. Her love for all things written makes her churn out interesting ideas and see them come to life. She shoulders the responsibility of communicating new ideas to her colleagues and maintains the content quality on the website.



A former banker, Eshita handles the Entertainment Category in Loudhere. Her love for writing and proficiency with English language made her take up a writing career when she left her full time job. An indispensible part of Loudhere family Eshita weaves out the juicy content that so love!

Suman Patel


An undergraduate and avid netizen, Suman is the youngest member of Loudhere family. She manages the News and Current Events category here. Also she employs her SEO skills to make this more searchable.

Rahul Pandey

Social Media Manager

Rahul is a social media enthusiast. He is presently looking after the social media promotions and other media activities of Loudhere.

Vashishtha Kapoor


Vashishtha is a blogger and a digital marketer doing the same for more than one year now. he is a Social Media Marketer and a WordPress design geek too. He serve Loudhere family with articles in different categories.